This is the second time I've started a blog and I hope I have better results with this one. It's been a tough time for me lately. My niece died suddenly of a heart attack on January 16 and I've been having a very hard time trying to understand and accept why it happened. In the first place she was much too young and and to me it's like she only had half a life. Then there's the way it happened so suddenly: she was in her apartment, started feeling chest pains and called her mother in Florida. By the time her stepsister an the EMT's got there she was gone already. They took her to the hospital and the doctors worked on her for about two hours, but they never got a heartbeat or a pulse. It reminds me of something I either read or heard somewhere about a little child who had lost someone she loved and want to know why God always got his way. I have the same question. Lisa was a very special person and no one like her will ever come this way again.

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